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Fred Auzenne: Why should I take branding seriously?

Branding is all about making your business, product or service stand out in the marketplace explains Fred Auzenne. It is about standing for something different and unique. A strong brand is a key to a company’s success and it all starts with the right branding strategy.

Branding will make a lasting impression on your customers, creating a relationship between them and your business. A good branding strategy focuses on both the current and potential customer of your product or service by projecting an image that they can relate to. It also helps build trust which is extremely important when establishing a relationship with the customer.

A strong brand can be achieved through careful consideration of several aspects such as:

  • Investing in initial branding so you have a solid foundation for future marketing efforts
  • Creating consistency across all platforms, from print advertisements to social media websites, relevant media outlets & more
  • Getting feedback from consumers on how they perceive your product or service
  • Creating new opportunities for your business to make money
  • Branding is the foundation on which a successful marketing campaign can be built. A strong brand will help you keep up with fierce competition by ensuring that your product or service remains relevant in the minds of consumers, no matter what phase of their life they are entering explains Fred Auzenne. It is an investment that will reap benefits even after you decide to end your marketing efforts.
  • As more and more businesses recognize the value of branding, it’s becoming increasingly difficult for companies to standout from the crowd. Many large brands have millions invested in their branding efforts – making sure their logo, image and slogan remain consistent across print ads, billboards, television commercials & social media accounts while others focus striking visual effects using images & color.
  • Since branding ties into marketing, business owners are urged to invest in branding at an early stage before they launch their product or service. Want some examples of great branding? Take a look at these companies that have succeeded in standing out from the crowd using effective brand strategies:

Apple Inc.: Striking & Powerful Visuals

The Apple logo is known across the globe and has become synonymous with many items of technology, including personal computers, laptops, phones, tablets and MP3 players. The company’s branding includes striking visuals of its familiar logo against bold backgrounds while integrating sleek images of its products. Beats by Dre: Amplifying Emotions Beats by Dre is associating with high quality headphones which are aim at providing the best sound experience on today’s latest devices. The company’s branding amplifies the emotions that come with listening to music and draws on powerful images of people who appreciate music (i.e. athletes, musicians & celebrities).

Lenovo: Cutting Edge Images Lenovo has developed a reputation for producing innovative. High quality computers at affordable prices while continuing to maintain its cutting edge image across all platforms including print ads, television commercials, social media accounts and their website. Their branding makes use of striking visuals on their products (iPhones etc.). While drawing on the simplicity of colors like black & white which are associating with sophistication & class.

Save Big With Your Branding Efforts

Many businesses try to save money by opting for generic printing solutions. When it comes to their design work but there is more than meets the eye says Fred Auzenne. A generic design can have a negative impact on your brand image. And, in turn, hurt your profits by eroding consumer trust.

When you invest in professional design for your print products such as business cards, brochures, billboards & more from Print Runner. You will see an increase in customer loyalty while enjoying higher returns. Because people are naturally draw to brands that display quality.


Brand building is the process of creating a unique image for your company, product or service to make it stand out from its competitors. It requires identifying, targeting and engaging with the right consumer base through effective marketing strategies says Fred Auzenne.

The most important aspect of branding is ensuring. That you invest in it at an early stage (ideally before you launch your product or service). If you are currently in the process of building your business. Make sure to visit Print Runner’s website for high quality design work. Printing & mailing solutions for your business cards, brochures & more.

Investing in branding helps you stay ahead of the competition. Showcasing your brand consistently across all print & digital platforms. Will help you generate interest among potential customers while building a loyal customer base that remains faithful to your company. Your business will stand out from the crowd with professional design.

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