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Fred Auzenne unfolds the importance of placing people in the right positions

Getting the right workforce for any business is a critical decision. The classic book of Collins says, ‘getting the right people on the bus and the wrong people off the bus’ is imperative. The placement of the right people onto the right seats is a process and requires immense talent. You should know that recruitment is the subset of supply chain business practices, six-sigma qualities, and customer relationship management.

Fred Auzenne holds expertise in placing the right people in the correct positions of the business. His ideas supported many companies in making intelligent choices for enhancing overall engagement and boost revenues. 

It would help if you comprehended that recruitment is not a one-time exercise, in fact, an ongoing business activity. You should constantly deploy and redeploy the workforce to more appropriate departments to suit their jobs’ skill sets. The typical mistakes many companies make are hiring and placing wrong people in wrong positions; secondly, retaining the incorrect people in the same job for too long.

Pointers to identify the common errors by the HR manager 

Placing the right person on the right job is not relevant to the skill set. It means not optimum utilization of their capabilities instead of putting the excellent performers in inconsequential employment and vice versa. 

  • When your HR fails to identify the hot skill requirement for any top-notch demanding project and ignores to fill the place with a suitable employee.
  • When HR fails to reward/award or even acknowledge the top performer and treats them the same as the average employee.
  • When the HR misses to fill in the hot skill position and leaves it vacant or fills it with a non-performer.
  • When HR makes the mistake of placing the top performer in mediocre projects and underutilizes their diligence.
  • When the HR typically re-shuffles the department but fails to oversee the future requirements and does the wrong skill placement at the wrong job.
  • When the HR places the below-average performer in critical projects after incorrect workforce analysis.
  • Offer lower pay scale to top performers or maintaining less pay differentiation between average and skilled employees.
  • Not providing enough scope and landscape to the employees for growth and development.
  • When HR loses the balance between authority and responsibility for an overachieving employee.
  • When HR fails to provide the right resources and budgetary fulfillment to the employee at the critical project decision-making.
  • Not listening to the grievance and other employee issues and shrugging it off or typical overlooking.
  • Failure to provide challenging tasks to top performers yet expect exceptional performances.

With the changing times, there are revolutionary changes in work culture and technology – it is crucial to determine the right recruitment approach. Simple techniques like cross-training employees to develop a multi-skill set are one positive step towards the right skill at the right job. In-house training programs, team-building activities, and out-of-office social gatherings are contemporary ways of building a robust workforce. 

Try not to lose the business by hiring the wrong resource. Remember, you are not hiring for saving instead for getting unique expertise for the position. 

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