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Fred Auzenne shares ways to motivate your workforce

So, you have got some talented people on board for your business! Hence, now you must ensure that they stay with you. And while the benefits and money are essential, the research found that not all companies focus on the motivating factors. A few of the crucial factors that you should give attention to are feeling recognized, encouraged, and peer motivation.

The essential guidelines to follow

Fred Auzenne, executive advisor at Cultural Index and an Arizona-based business leader shares some essential techniques to motivate your workforce. He worked as a special counterintelligence agent with the United States army. And his accountabilities here included preparing and disseminating counterintelligence reports, conducting security investigations, and taking part in the Counterintelligence Force Protection Source Operations. Today, he guides several companies on ways to increase revenues, realign the employees to various goals, and enhance overall engagement. His crucial guidelines include:

Ensure that your business environment is pleasant

Nobody will love to be in a boring, dingy place and work there for hours. Hence, it is essential to have a well-lit, fun, aesthetically pleasing, and functional space that adds pleasantness to daily work. The first step is to ensure that things get well-kept and that there is an updated, working device. It means you need to move out of the backdated back office computer, point-of-sale system, and anything which can make your employees feel frustrated. It indicates that you should keep all your things nice-looking and clean. And it doesn’t take much cash to spruce up your working space.

Always be a supportive, honest and respectful manager.

It might come as a no-brainer! However, poor management is one of the core reasons why most employees move away. Factors like support, clear communication, honesty, and respect form the base here. You have a lot to do to become a great mentor and leader. And if this management domain is new for you, it is essential to do your homework. You can read on the topic of effective management and hone up your skills.

Provide employee rewards

Your employees will stay with you when they have a reason for it. Hence, if you wish to retain talented people and ensure they are motivated, it’s essential to begin an incentive program. Perhaps a quarterly bonus will work. Also, a commission format might work better in the competition. It could also be that you offer to foot bills for extra credentials. Or might want profit-sharing in your organization. And when your employees know that they will get rewarded for a job they did well, they will get encouraged to put their best foot forward every time.

Provide people the space to grow

If your business organization is expanding rapidly, it is necessary to provide the employees the space to grow inside the organization. It acts as a great motivator. Money always encourages people to work better. However, even the psychological factor forgetting respect for the work is essential. Are you planning to start a second location? If yes, decide which employees can cater to a management role better. And if anyone is doing a great job with the inventory, you might groom them for managing the entire vendor relations.

When you follow these basic guidelines, you will motivate your workforce and urge them to work better.

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