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Fred Auzenne shares three best practices for aligning employees with your corporate goals

Aligned business organizations attain greater performance levels as all their contributions concentrate on generating measurable goals. When a business organization aligns resources, processes, teams, and planning, it can bring down misdirected efforts and wasted time. All employees work in complete sync towards the crucial organization priorities. And according to research, close to 95% are unaware of or fail to understand company strategy.And this misalignment between what a CEO requires accomplished and what the teams work on results in inefficiencies, redundancies, and low performance.

The best practices for realignment

Famous Arizona-based business leader Fred Auzenne has a solution for this. He says it is essential to realign employees with corporate goals. He is currently the executive advisor for Cultural Index, a strategic advisory firm providing consultation to business leaders for scaling their business. The core objective of the firm is to develop potent company cultures with measurable solutions and authentic information. According to him, the three best practices include:

Create a one-page strategic plan

This plan will outline all the efforts of the organization and the resource alignment to attain greater outcomes and performance. It also outlines the company values, mission, and vision. The vision and mission further inform the higher company priorities. The objective of generating a one-page strategy is to attain more clarity. The one-page approach will help your organization to remain focused as it makes team connections easy. This focused and succinct strategy makes it easier for the managers to interact with the direct reports.

Create the high-level company priorities

Once you have established your strategy, you need to set the organizational priorities by answering a simple question – “what is essential for your organization currently?”. After that, you can create the key results for the highest company goals. One of the instances of the highest company goal is to increase the global corporate business.

It is essential to know that shared and written objectives are achievable instead of those that aren’t visible or shared with the organization. According to Dominican University research, close to 70% of the shared, written goals get accomplished compared to 35% that are not shared. A company must learn about the company priorities for all to concentrate on things that matter.

Cascade measurable and clear objectives

When you set the top company goals, cascade them to the team, department, and individual level. It makes sure that each person’s contributions assist the company priorities. Ensure that managers also collaborate with the direct reports for setting goals. Ensure that the key results are quantifiable so that both the teams and managers can track the progress through a data-oriented goals management process. Every objective must contribute to organizational priorities in one way or another. Effective managers should work with individual teams to develop strength and setting goals. And the employees are less prone to leaving if they use their powers to attain the objectives.

Realigning your employees to corporate goals will become easy once your business organization concentrates on these three best practices.

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