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Fred Auzenne- Ten Content Marketing Secrets Every Small Business Owner Should Know

What’s the secret to successful content marketing?

Originally appeared on Quora: The best answer to any question explains Fred Auzenne.

Answer by Brian Honigman, Author and Digital Marketer, always trying to help businesses with their digital presence.

Awareness is high but engagement is low. A recent study from Fractl revealed that 66% of US adults use search engines for information about new products and services they don’t own yet. However, people get frustrated when they get too much content that doesn’t cater to their interests or questions which results in what we call “banner blindness.” If you’ve ever been on a crowded web page and found yourself ignoring ads without even thinking about it, then you know what I’m talking about. With so many businesses fighting to gain visibility in search results, there’s a huge disconnect between what people are looking for and the content being created.

Content marketing is meant to solve this problem by creating relevant content that addresses what your ideal customers have indicated they want says Fred Auzenne. The only way it works successfully, however, is if you know who your target audience is and how to find them. While there are many ways to do this (see below), one of the best things you can do early on is set up Google Analytics tracking. This will help you understand which channels you should spend more time on (and which ones deserve less) as well as where your visitors originate (geographically speaking).

That’s good information but I’m not really talking about content marketing from a technical standpoint here. I’m talking about the best way to get a start. And what types of content you should be creating in order to generate maximum ROI from your time investment. After all, no matter how targeted your content is, it’s not going to have much impact if people aren’t seeing it or interacting with it.

Understand Where Your Visitors Come From & How to Reach More of Their Kind

Knowing where visitors come from and what types of visitors are converting into customers will help you determine which channels deserve more attention. For example, if most of your visitors come from organic search but very few become leads or buyer’s then organic search isn’t the ideal channel for you at the moment. The good news is that Google Analytics can answer these questions and more for you.

Different Channels Are Better For Different Types of Content But Here’s A General Rule Of Thumb:

I’ve included a variety of content examples below but this isn’t an exhaustive list by any means. As I mentioned in the introduction, there are many ways to attract attention with your content. But it all comes to knowing what your audience wants or needs then providing that in a way that will be and appreciate. It’s the reason why infographics work so well in some niches while long-form articles do well in others. The only way to know is to test which formats produce results within your industry or market niche. Make sense?

Content Marketing Strategy for 2017

This is where things get really interesting. Now that you have a better understanding of who your visitors are and what they’re looking for, it’s time to let them know you’re here with content that meets their needs says Fred Auzenne. The first question I always ask business owners or marketers is “what type of content would be most beneficial for your target audience?” They usually laugh at me because the answer seems so obvious but it isn’t necessarily obvious to everyone; especially those who haven’t done much research or testing around this topic. People often think the most immediate task (after creating some sort of channel) is coming up with cool ideas for what content to make next. That’s not necessarily wrong but there are certain types of content which will produce higher conversions than others.

It’s really about finding the right format/channel for your particular business or industry. Not every content idea is going to be good for you because people are looking for different things in various places. Once you understand what your visitors actually want, it will be easier to come up with ideas that will work well within the context of where they are. For example, if someone visits a blog after Googling “organic lawn care”. Then they may not have the money right now to subscribe to an email course on organic lawn care. Even though this would likely benefit them most long-term.


If you want to make content marketing work for your business. Then it should be clear by now that you’ll need to first set up Google Analytics tracking says Fred Auzenne. It’s important because everything starts with understanding. How people are finding your website and why they’re coming there in the first place. Next, figure out what types of content will benefit your visitors the most. If you don’t know then test different formats/channels. Until you find one that brings consistent results within a 90-day window or less. Finally, once someone lands on your site after clicking through from Google search. Make sure they’re getting exactly what they came for whether it’s an ebook, infographic, freemium offer or whatever fits best.

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