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Fred Auzenne Shares Latest Out-of-Home Advertising Trends for Business Success

Often referred to as the oldest form of advertising, out-of-home (OOH) advertising needs to redefine itself in the presence of the latest technology, ever-changing consumption patterns, and growing organized retail sector says, Fred Auzenne. As per the latest KPMG report, in the last five years, OOH advertising has shown an 11 percent compounded yearly growth rate, and it has been forecasted that OOH advertising will maintain that growth in the year 2021 as well. 

Digital Touch to OOH Advertising

All around the world, many different industries have been forced to give in to the increasing presence of digital media. Just like them, OOH advertising has to integrate digital media into its functioning in order to stay relevant in present times. As per the KPMG report, out-of-home advertising done using digital means brought in 30 percent of the OOH revenues throughout the world. This is down to its ability to produce vivid colors, motion, and convenience.

Application of Storytelling

In 2020, one trend that you can surely expect to see was the application of storytelling. Many products and services in the previous year used compelling stories to reel in consumers. Events, trade shows, direct mailing, which are below the line OOH activities, have already proven quite effective in this case. Brands need to focus heavily on unique ideas revolving around engagement, experience, and, most importantly, innovation.

Several Places for Placing Adverts

While the digital wave causing disruption in various industries, it significantly helps OOH advertisements as now there are a plethora of places where these advertisements can use with the help of technology. For instance, you can employ them at airports; public transports such as trains, buses, taxis; waiting for sheds; and blank walls. All these have established themselves as effective means of achieving advertising goals even in the presence of conventional billboard advertising. Fred Auzenne mentions that you must spend time finding the best place for posting your advertisement. As the location will play a significant role. You must consult with these experts and gather proven data to come up with the best location.

The KPMG report has found out that advertisements used at airports are among the most effective ones. And have contributed as much as 27 percent to the revenue share in 2019.

Detailed OOH Advertisements

In 2021, we can expect outdoor advertisements to do more than just mere advertising. Relaying essential information about a service, product, or business is the obvious job of OOH advertisements. But in 2021, you can expect them to go a step further as they will be passing. Along with the statistical profile of those who are connected with it.

The traditional billboards will not function the same as they will start using smart features. Such as sensors and facial recognition software to effectively communicate with the target audience.

 OOH, advertisements will surely go through unique changes in 2021. Make sure that you attend international marketing events in 2021. To discuss the upcoming changes in OOH advertisements with marketing experts and professionals from all around the world.

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