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Fred Auzenne highlights ways to enhance employee engagement

A business organization is where individuals from multiple backgrounds and communities come together to work for a pre-determined objective in a familiar setting. Also, each company has its mandatory set of guidelines and policies that every employee adheres. For instance, a software development organization is where the brand depends on the employee talents and services for its success. Hence, employee engagement today is one of the most important priorities for any company that wishes to attain success in a competitive market.

Ways to enhance employee engagement

Business organizations with highly engaged employees often outdo organizations that lack it. They witness increased earnings and also recover from setbacks fast. Today, Fred Auzenne, a former armed service counterintelligence specialist, and an Arizona-based business leader say companies can enhance employee engagement. He is currently working at Cultural Index as an executive advisor. The company offers tools to enable the right people on the path and do away with the wrong people. Whether it’s about motivating, managing, and hiring the best talent, Culture Index provides the ideal solution to increase the goals. A few tactics to enhance employee engagement are:

Success roadmap

The clarity level that employees have about the future regarding a business acts as the decisive factor in staying with an organization for long. It is essential to millennials, who have a habit of shifting jobs and searching for development scopes frequently compared to the earlier generation.

Excellent work recognition

It is necessary to assist employees through multiple development scopes within the business. However, when you identify their accomplishments and encourage their success, it will go a long way to make your employees feel counted and help them become productive at their job.

Both way communication

Communication moves both ways. Business organizations that run under a layer of secrecy usually struggle with low engagement and retention levels. The employees today wish to know the way business decisions will impact them. They also want to know what a business organization expects from them, and the data they require is essential for the work. Also, if your employees fail to express their concerns and ideas, they will feel ignored and undervalued.


Today, most employees don’t feel satisfied to show up for work, get their job done and receive the salary. Instead, they want to feel that the work they do matters and that it has a purpose. And apart from their contributions, they are willing to know whether the organization they work for will stay committed to its shared values and goals.

Realistic and fair

If organizations and leaders aim to retain employees, treating them with respect and fairness is essential. The employees will always want to get assessed on their performance instead of the factors they can’t control.

Today, employee engagement is becoming an essential factor that helps employees find the actual meaning of their work. And when organizations have the correct focus to boost employee engagement, it helps them develop a positive working environment that will help employees thrive for many years.

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