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Fred Auzenne highlights the essential human resource practices for a business organization

Even though most business organizations are different and come with its specific requirement, it is essential to have the fundamental human resource principles and practices as the base for a good business. The concept of human resource best practices entails a few universal approaches or tactics that legitimize and optimize any company to which it is applied.

The best human resource practices

Fred Auzenne, the popular Arizona-based business leader and the executive advisor of Cultural Index, shares some of the best human resource practices. He has also been a former armed services counterintelligence specialist. Besides heading Cultural Index, he also managed the Entrepreneur Opportunity Fund, a private equity fund running in various markets. The fund consults with multiple business start-ups and mid-size second-stage organizations. That aside, he is also into philanthropic activities and is engaged with the Crossroads, Inc board. Hence, some of the best human resource practices, according to him, are:

A happy, healthy, and safe workplace

Developing a happy, safe, and healthy workplace makes sure that the employees feel comfortable and remain with one company for a long time. It is essential to capture their thoughts via frequent, internal surveys.

Start book management style

Sharing data about sales, contracts, management objectives, new clients, employee personal data, and company policies makes sure that your workforce is enthused about business akin to the management. It makes sure that people are keen on strategic decisions, thereby staying aligned with the business objective. Hence, it’s good to be as candid as possible. The manager online and employee self-service portal are a few tools that can help to practice this style.

Bonuses linked to performance

Providing a bonus or adding any variable element in the compensation can act as disillusionment or incentive depending on how it gets communicated and administered. The bonuses should be created so that the employees realize that there isn’t a payout until the organization attains a particular profit. The additional criteria can be your team’s success as well as individual performance. It helps in employee retention as well.

A holistic performance management feedback approach

This technique, which requests feedback from the seniors, subordinates, and peers today, gains prominence. And it is one of the best processes for gathering performance feedback. Each person in the team is accountable for providing positive, relevant, and constructive feedback.

A correct evaluation system

It is essential to create an assessment system that links an employee’s performance to the corporate business priorities and objectives. Every employee needs to possess clear reporting bonds. It is essential to make self-rating a part of this assessment method because it empowers your employees. Also, the assessment is correct when it gets based on employee achievement that gets tracked more than a year. And for increased objectivity, other than the immediate boss, every employee needs to get assessed by another higher level. Also, getting cross-functional feedback from one’s boss or any manager can add the desired fairness to the evaluation process.

These are a few crucial human resource practices that companies can opt-in for to ensure their workers get assessed well for their job.

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